the manifesto

We exist to empower young creators. Focused on our community, we run and maintain an arts venue open to people of all ages who value creativity and artistic innovation.

We are entirely volunteer-run and completely not-for-profit.

Thanks to the tireless individuals that share our dedication to creative and DIY principles, we're able to host art, music, film, and other creative exhibitions in service of our mission.

Because of our unrelenting advocacy for young people in our city, our venue is a dry space (alcohol/drug free): A place singularly intent on broadening the artistic palate of our city.

A brief history

The Burrow Project officially began in early May of 2017—a side gig of the city arts council. The venue was kickstarted thanks in large part to the input and labor of young local artists.

We felt there was a lack of support and accessible spaces for us in the city, and that our skills and creative talent as young creatives went largely unnoticed in the broader music and social scene in downtown St. Albans.

Inspired by places like the one-time Common Ground building in St. Albans, 242 Main in Burlington, The Smell in Los Angeles, and the Silent Barn in Brooklyn, our underground DIY venue is an ongoing experiment in grassroots art and culture and an incubator for expressive people.

Since opening night, The Burrow has hosted numerous events unlike anything seen around here in a long time—local hip-hop, punk, and indie/space rock shows; heady art exhibits; and more.

We believe that an all-ages art center like The Burrow is a good and necessary part of a healthy, growing city.

If you’re interested in supporting us, contact our local city arts non-profit.

Special thanks

This project wouldn’t be possible without the unwavering support from our allies and backers. They’ve contributed the time and funds that continues to keep our space open.

Our sincerest gratitude to you all.